Project: The Hive, Business Centre, Weston-Super-Mare


We were contacted for assistance by one of our existing clients as they were struggling to improve their current Bird Control solution that now needed to allow for the newly found, resident feral pigeons that had set up camp under the recently installed Solar PV panels.

Solar PV panels provide a warm, safe shelter from the rain and wind and it isn't just Pigeons that like to take advantage of these spots, location dependant, Gulls and other species of birds are also quick to understand that they can utilise the PV panels and build their homes here.

One of our client's main concerns not only related to the pigeon's guano affecting the operational output of their PV panels but also the damage the acid from the guano could cause to the surface of the individual panels as well as the surrounding electrical fixings.


The resident pigeons, which were located within the area of the original netting system and under the Solar PV Panels had to be encouraged to leave the site humanely before we could commence any works.

The Team were then able to carry out an intensive cleaning programme to the affected areas to ensure the safe removal of the built-up guano and associated debris, which was disinfected and removed from the site in sealed bags.

We then carried out a maintenance inspection of the existing netting system, checking the fixings, strainers, and wire, and then repairing and replacing the system where required. Parts of the zip access to the pre-existing netting system had been compromised and it was decided that our Team would replace the netting around the zip access area – securing these areas using S-Clips which are great for allowing easy and regular access to plant decks and M&E equipment.

Finally, to prevent the pigeon’s access to the underside of the PV Panels, we supplied and installed our stainless-steel weldmesh to the perimeter of the bottom section of each of the panels, securing them in place with our non-penetrating clips.

Access Strategy:

No external access or MEWPs were required on this Project as our install Team were able to gain safe, internal access to the roof.


Rob Hicks – Workspace Manager

“We had a problem with pigeons nesting under our solar PV panels. Tom and the team from Eco solved the problem quickly and satisfactorily. I would be happy to recommend them.”

Do you have a Pigeon or Gull problem that needs addressing before the next breeding season? If so, please call one of our specialist team members at Eco Environmental on 01752 669 009 or contact us through our live chat.  

Published 30th June 2023

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