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Bird Control Specialists | Pigeon Deterrents, Bird Wire and Bird Spikes

Bird control deterrents from Eco Environmental based in Plymouth, Devon. Bird wire, spikes and scarers for seagull, pigeon and bird control.

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Nationwide Bird Deterrent Solutions | Bird Netting Suppliers | Bird Control UK

We povide UK bird control and bird deterrent solutions to clients nationwide. Bird netting suppliers in London, South East, South West, Wales and more.

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Latest News from Eco Environmental - Pigeon, Seagull, Bird Control News

The latest industry news and updates from Eco Environmental Ltd. Specialists in deterrents for pigeons, seagulls and other bird control solutions.


Bird Spike Deterrent System - Pigeon Spikes and Seagull Spikes

Adaptive bird spikes for seagulls, pigeon and other birds to create a bird control system that prevents perching birds.
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