Falconry Bird Control

Using falconry as a natural bird deterrent for bird control has become a recommended form of controlling bird infestations throughout our living and working environments. All wild species of bird have a strong will to survive as their life cycle depends on being able to feed every day and stay away from danger. In addition to this, every wild bird is competing against each other to find the best food supply, safe breeding ground and protection from the hard elements of nature. It is because of this will to survive that wild birds can become a problem.

Article & Video : Hawks used as Gull Deterrents

Basic Instinct

The reason that a bird of prey makes an effective bird scarer or gull scarer is that it is a natural predator and no matter which continent of the world the bird of prey comes from, it is easily identified by the pest species as a predator. Unlike all other species of bird, a bird of prey in flight has a silhouette that appears to have no neck; the stream line aerodynamic profile of a bird of prey in flight is instinctively imprinted into young wild birds before they hatch from the egg. This is a survival reflex which nature has created to help every species succeed in its life cycle.

GPS Tracking

All birds flown by Eco Environmental's falconry team can be fitted with the latest GPS Satellite tracking systems. This innovative technology allows the bird’s flying activity to be tracked and recorded within electronic flight logs. Eco is proud to partner with seasoned falconry professionals, who can now provide solid and reference-able results to accompany their work. Whilst many companies utilise and boast the use of Bird Control, Eco strives to install confidence into all clients by providing in-depth information, all of which will be accessible and traceable for every flight conducted on request. Flight logs can be shared and stored across most smart devices. This new and modern approach to falconry bird control allows Eco Environmental to be a step ahead of the rest.

How Does Falconry Bird Control Work?

In order to deploy an effective falconry service programme with a specially trained bird of prey, the effort is made to disturb the everyday habits of the pest species. This usually includes affecting the area where the wild birds roost and the places they feed. By increasing the risk factor for the wild bird species it creates confusion and panic to the treatment area where the pest species would usually not have a concern. In some situations, this panic can be enough to encourage the pest species to find new safer feeding grounds and roosting while in other situations when wild birds of prey are already present in the environment, a more effective bird scaring approach is required. There are many different falconry bird control techniques we can use to deploy and maintain a flight with a bird of prey to make a high profile deterrent.

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