Electric Bird Deterrent AVISHOCK™ is a Low Voltage Bird Scarer device proven not to harm birds

AVISHOCK™ is not a bird scarer device in the conventional visual or audio sense. Instead, it modifies the behaviour of urban birds by touch, acting as an electric bird deterrent, deterring the birds from perching, roosting or nesting on ledges with a harmless but disconcerting electric shock which acts as a bird barrier in just the same way electric fencing manages farm livestock.

When a bird lands on the track a circuit is made thus causing a small electric shock. Tests and now experience have shown that AVISHOCK™ bird scarers teach birds to avoid the protected surface in the future, thus presenting a powerful psychological barrier rather than a sometimes unsightly physical barrier.

AVISHOCK™ bird scarers are proven not to harm birds and provide a new professional bird control option alongside traditional Birdnet, Birdwire and Birdpoint systems. 

The solar energiser has been designed to power our current Avishock track in an environmentally friendly way.

AVISHOCK™ stands out as:

  • A highly effective way to get rid of pigeons and other bird species, to remove infestation pressures on ledges, edges, parapets, beams and roof peaks.
  • The lowest profile bird management system available. Unlike a typical bird barrier i.e. bird spikes it is hardly noticeable at close quarters and virtually invisible at any distance for meeting challenging architect specifications and protecting visually sensitive locations.
  • Uniquely flexible to bend round undulations, curves and corners for practical protection of signs, statues and other difficult or impossible to proof sites.
  • Highly specified electric bird deterrent - a track consisting of stainless steel braids sewn onto a flexible, UV stabilised plastic, purpose built connectors and quality, weatherproof energisers for reliable service over a long lifetime.


is a minimum visibility, tactile electric bird scarer system. It uses a small electrostatic pulse to scare birds away from unwanted areas. Essentially, this product comprises of 6mm high PVC strips containing 2 x 5mm stainless steel braids which are 15mm apart. By means of the 240V charger a single low current electrostatic pulse every 1.3 seconds.

It comes complete with independent trials evidence demonstrating it complies with UK legislation, and a positive reception from Natural England, the Scottish Government, Welsh Assembly, Northern Ireland Office and SSPCA as well as from the HSE.

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