A Surprisingly Effective New Bird Deterrent

Due to aesthetic reasons, our client was keen to install a discreet bird control solution, which would not involve any more bird netting than already existed on the commercial property. We offered to install the new AVISHOCK™ electric bird deterrent as a trial but were not able to guarantee the level of effectiveness of this deterrent system on such a deep and wide balcony area.

Nevertheless, the success of the installation has been exceptional! The small electrostatic pulse used in this electric bird deterrent system has not only prevented feral birds from re-entering the balcony area but also seems to have led them to move away from the building as a whole.

The Product: AVISHOCK™ Electrostatic Bird Scarer

AVISHOCK™ is a new electric bird deterrent system which is proven not to harm the animals. At minimum visibility, this bird control method causes a small electric shock when a bird lands on the track. Available in a variety of colours, the discreet bird scarer easily blends in with the surrounding finish and colour of your building.

Please get in touch or call 01752 669009 if you'd like to find out more about AVISHOCK™!

Published 15th March 2012

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