Hawks used as Seagull Deterrents

At least 11 pairs of seagulls have set up nesting sites since the opening of the Princesshay shopping centre in Exeter in September 2007. The growing seagull problem has negatively affected shoppers' experiences at Princesshay with blocked drains, fouling and diving being among the most common problems experiences.

Eco Environmental is running a bird control programme using natural falconry bird scarers: two hawks are regularly carrying out four flights a week over Princeshay over a 20-week period to scare off the gulls.

According to Princesshay operations director Andy Littlejohns, the shopping centre was beginning "to have a real problem with seagulls not only causing mess and building nests around the shopping quarter but stealing and disrupting meal times in our alfresco dining areas".

Natural falconry bird deterrents are a widely-used, acceptable technique which encourages the birds to relocate in an environmentally friendly way.

Here at Eco Environmental, we are proud to be working with such a great public space in the South West and are looking forward to seeing our seagull deterrent systems leadinf to the problem diminishing. Once the seagulls have moved on, we will remove and dispose of the nests and eggs using fouling cleaning techniques in line with C0SHH (control of substances hazardous to health) standards.

Source: BBC News website

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Published 15th March 2012

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