Eco Environmental are able to offer a wide range of anti-roosting systems that will humanely deter the pigeons from returning back to their favoured sites.

Gulls historically cause problems for property owners in towns and cities close to coastal areas that said many species of gull, including herring gulls, black headed gulls and black backed gulls are becoming a common sight in many inland urban areas. Eco Environmental are able to offer a wide range of humane, effective Gull control solutions.

Our Bird Control solutions focus on deterring birds and preventing further bird infestations. Whilst Netting, Mesh, Spiking & Wire systems prove effective they’re not always aesthetically pleasing and clients will occasionally ask us to consider alternative Bird Deterrent options.

A brief description of Alternative Bird Control Systems:

Audible Bird Scarer

Bio-acoustic bird scarer’s exploit a bird’s in-built reaction to hearing its own species-specific distress call, causing it to flee the hostile environment beyond the audible range of the distress call.

In the simplest terms, a bio-acoustic bird scarer is a digital recording of a distressed bird that replays at random intervals. It is designed to be heard by the bird and create a sense of danger, alarm and perceived threat to the bird, so that it flees the immediate vicinity of the threat.

Bird Dispersal Lasers

Bird Dispersal Lasers are a new tool in the armoury and may be the solution for colonies on large flat areas.

A laser beam can be played over the area to be protected, either from a hand held device or from a fixed system. The beam temporarily prevents the birds from seeing the environment around them. Birds are constantly checking their surroundings for predators and this temporary inability to do so makes them take flight. The Laser can be programmed. No habituation to the laser has been noted so far and birds are not harmed by the 3B laser.

Hawks and Falcons

A predatory deterrent such as the use of hawks and falcons to displace pigeons and gulls is becoming popular in the UK; the aim is not to kill the birds simply to scare them away. Repeat visits are required although this approach is not suitable for all sites; Eco will help you decide on the best approach.

Trapping Programme

A structured trapping program can remove a large percentage of an established pigeon community, humane, lawful, discreet methods are applied to all Trapping Programmes. Pre-baiting for approx 14 days is required using a mix seed bait inside and on the ground surrounding the trap.

Egg & Nest Removal Programmes

Egg and Nest removal programmes can be carried out by authorised persons when there is a need to preserve public health or public safety.

Like all UK wild birds, Gulls (Seagulls) are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This means that it is a criminal offence to kill, injure or destroy their nest whilst the nest is either in use or being built - it is also a criminal offence to take or destroy their eggs.

There are some exceptions to this rule and in certain circumstances it is deemed necessary to make an intervention. In such cases a General License can be sought that permits us to lawfully control a gull population based on this specific criterion; preserving public health or public safety, preventing serious damage or disease and preserving air safety to name a few.

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