Gulls Occupying Cities and Urban Areas

Due to the decreasing food sources in their natural environment, the majority of Gulls have migrated inland and are happily occupying human territory.

Commonly found in coastal towns and cities, frequenting beachside cafes & restaurants, it is evident that they are no longer a seasonal occupant, being found all year through.

Our natural living environment provides a safe living alternative to the Gulls and has begun to mimic their natural habitat. Our buildings are often sheltered, with very few predators, the rooftops are typically undisturbed, and local fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, & rubbish bins provide an abundance of food.

Commercial roofs, parapet walls & ledges make excellent nesting spots, providing a safe and sheltered area to hatch and rear another cycle of chicks, adding to the growing Gull population.

Gulls can negatively impact your business such as beachside cafes, restaurants and other food-related industries as they harass customers, steal food and turn unprotected, outdoor seating areas into a wasted investment.

Eco Environmental can offer various, humane, Deterrent Solutions to help protect your buildings and the surrounding areas, preventing Gulls from returning to your property year after year. Please call us on 01752 669 009 to arrange a free site assessment.

Published 25th July 2023

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