Why Pigeons and Solar Panels Do Not Go Hand in Hand!

Unprotected solar panels provide year-round shelter, warmth, and a safe breeding haven for families of nesting pigeons, resulting in all sorts of issues for the property owner. If you wish to protect your solar PV investment, ensure the longevity of the system, and maximise your KW output - please call us on 01752 669 009 to arrange a free site survey and system appraisal.

Pigeon guano (also known as pigeon poo) is very high in uric acid with a pH of 3 to 4.5. When left to sit on a surface for an extended period it begins to degrade and eat away at the material, whether it is the glass surface of your panels, the connecting wires, or the housing materials of the solar system itself.

Solar panels traditionally need very little maintenance however if you notice pigeons nesting in and around the panels you will soon experience issues with the operational output as the panels will be generating less power. This is due to the pigeon droppings that bake onto the panels, blocking the light and thereby reducing the efficiency & overall site KW output.

Rodent attraction to the pigeon's nests and the associated food presence of the pigeons can lead to chewed electrical wiring and other potential damages to the PV set-up.

Eco Environmental can provide a variety of humane, Bird Mesh or Bird Netting solutions to deny the birds from accessing the underside of the PV system. This will allow you to protect your investment from the unsightly Pigeon guano that has been proven to reduce the overall power output from your PV panel set-up.

The nests & associated materials left over from the nesting Pigeons will start blocking your gutters as they get washed away in the rain which only adds to the costly repairs and maintenance.

Commercial buildings with a larger, flatter roofing area can benefit from one of our Bespoke Netting Solutions, which would encapsulate the whole roof area, protecting any plant areas with a discreet, impenetrable barrier that protects your premises without harming the birds – see example photographs.

Please call us on 01752 669 009 to arrange a site survey or discuss our various, cost-effective solutions. If you are unsure as to which one of our solutions best suits your problem, please email us at info@ecoltd.net with any supporting photos, drawings, or elevations of the area in question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Published 7th June 2023

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