Bird Fouling and Bird Mess Cleaning

We are experts in the safe removal and disposal of bird fouling. The presence of bird droppings, nesting material, bird carcases and parasites especially in cramped spaces can pose serious health and safety risks.

Here at Eco Environmental, we provide a full fouling and nest removal service to ensure that all relevant Health and Safety Regulations and Standards are adhered to so that no problems occur when carrying out the bird mess cleaning.

Urban birds have a number of blood feeding parasites that live in their nests and can bite humans. These include Martin Bug, Bird Mites and Pigeon Flea. The bulk fouling including feathers and nesting debris that build up can be a host to other insects including Yellow Mealworm Beetles, Carpet Beetles and Brown House Moths.

Many of the insects present will move on to infest the rest of the building especially fabrics, carpets and stored food. Bulk fouling will also contain dead birds which become a significant source of carrion-eaters such as Common Housefly, Bluebottles, Greenbottles and Flesh Flies.

Bird droppings are also a serious slip hazard, especially along pavements and the fouling is very acidic causing accelerated deterioration of stonework and corroding metals. More of a problem though is the accumulation of fouling and nesting material that can block gutters and lead to flooding and water damage within properties.

In addition the damp caused by fouling blocking gutters can lead to Booklouse infestation. These insects usually live on moulds but will infest foods.Wood enriched with nitrogen from decomposing fouling material will be more susceptible to infestation by wood boring beetles such as Furniture Beetle. Nests can also block flues and chimneys and lead to dangerous accumulation of noxious fumes inside a property.

Clearing of bulk fouling containing nesting material and bird carcasses is unpleasant work at the best of times and when in cramped situations such as roof spaces can pose its own set of health and safety problems. Eco Environmental are fully experienced in providing a full fouling and nest removal service to ensure these problems do not occur.

As standard a full COSHH, Method Statement and Risk Assessment will be undertaken during the survey and prior to any works being carried out to ensure the work is undertaken in line with all relevant Health and Safety Regulations and Standards. A list of the full PPE and any specialist access equipment will also be documented.

Eco Environmental are Licensed Waste Carriers and fully insured to remove and dispose of this hazardous substance. Once all fouling, nesting material and associated debris is removed the area can be powerwashed to remove any remaining staining and the entire area disinfected with a specialist chemical such as PX Ornikill to remove any remaining contamination and make the area 100% safe.

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