Eco Environmental specialises in offering bespoke Solar Panel protection solutions, tailored to your unique requirements, to humanely deter birds from nesting within your Solar PV installations.

Commercial Solar Panel installations can act as a cost-effective energy solution as well as help to reduce our environmental footprint. If the energy cost savings are then consumed by repairing the roof and damage caused by nesting birds and you experience a reduced operational output from the PV panels, it proves to be a worthless exercise.

Pigeon Guano is very high in uric acid with a PH Level of 3 to 4.5 and when left to sit on a surface for an extended period, it will begin to degrade and eat away at the PV panels. The unsightly guano can be damaging to the glass surface of your panels, the connecting wires, or the casing materials of the housing system. 

Bespoke Bird Netting

Our Specialist Bird Netting is one of our most requested deterrent systems to deter feral birds such as pigeons and gulls from occupying your buildings and structures. 

Instead of solely securing the perimeter of your Solar Panels, our bespoke Bird Netting is installed to encapsulate the entirety of your building’s roof. This preferred method not only protects your Solar investments but also protects the surrounding roof encased by the Bird Netting as well as any unprotected Ballast and loose stones you may have already laid.

Bespoke Bird Mesh

Our bespoke Bird Mesh is another popular bird exclusion system, protecting your Solar PV Panels from nesting birds who could cause warranty issues for your PV installations. More robust than traditional Bird Netting and available in different gauge sizes, our Bird Mesh deterrents are used for a variety of proofing applications from basic gutter protection, to preventing pigeons and other bird species from nesting under solar panels to sealing off large open spaces found on bridge abutment shelves. 

Secured to the perimeter of your PV Panels, our Bird Mesh extends downwards to seal off the underside of the Solar PV System to ensure that feral birds are denied access to the inner systems of the panels. Installed correctly, our PV exclusion systems will not cause any damage to your roof or solar panel installations.


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