Project: Farrans , St Thomas Street, Redcliffe, Bristol


St Thomas Street is a brand-new property and offers high end, studio self-catered accommodation for over 300 students in the Redcliffe area of Bristol.

With food establishments in surplus around the surrounding areas, the resident Pigeons and Gulls were already very active within in this location. Having previously nested on this site, it was only a matter of time before the birds would return to their old breeding area in time for the next mating season.


We identified various areas of the building that required bird mitigation, these were over multiple levels, ranging from the Courtyard all the way to the Rooftop areas. The unique layout of this project meant that we could utilise all three of our main core services to include Gull height spikes, our 50mm Bird netting and a spring tensioned Bird Wire system, set at height to deter both Gulls and Pigeons.

The lower levels of the building required us to install two rows of Post and Wire to the parapets. Should these specific areas be left unprotected, the façade, over time would become covered in Guano and require additional, regular cleaning via roped access. Our versatile Pin and Wire system can be temporarily detached from the posts to allow for various planned maintenance cleans, such as window cleaning via roped and MEWP access.

The mixture of plant areas and solar panels on the roof of the St Thomas building could provide perfect shelter to urban birds such as Pigeons and Gulls. Left unattended, the birds would perch on the top lip of the panels, fouling the photovoltaics (PV) and in turn reducing the potential energy generation capacity markedly. Specialist cleaning for this can become very costly.

Access Strategy:

With falls from height being the leading cause of deaths in the workplace, roof safety is paramount for anyone working on a commercial or industrial roof.

In this instance, our team gained access to the building through the main stairway allowing us direct, safe roof access with no special precautions needed on this occasion to undertake the works.


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Published 26th October 2021

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