Project: Llandrillo College , LLandrillo, North Wales


Eco Environmental were thrilled to be asked to assist with a substantial Gull issue that had occurred at this site on the back of the recent Solar Panel installation works that had taken place.

The main site or campus is on Llandudno Road at the westerly extremity of Rhos on Sea, so it was not surprising that within weeks of the PV installation the roof had now become colonised with Gulls who were swooping and spraying their fouling on to the newly installed PV units.

This activity was thereby severely reducing the power output of the PV units and making the roof a slippery, noisy, and unsafe place to access and carry out maintenance works.

Eco were invited by the Energy company to propose a suitable and cost-effective solution with the window of opportunity coming at the right time as the Gulls were off site and out of the breeding season. Gulls, like all UK birds, are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and it is illegal to remove their eggs and nests or disturb them once they have begun nesting.


The roof top area had been cleaned by the Client prior to Eco installing our 50mm Black UV Stabilized Netting system, made up of 2mm Stainless Steel Cables, upright supports to a height of 1.9 meters and padded weighted roof mounts supporting galvanised channel uprights. To allow access to the roof and to maintain the full netting protection of the roof we installed a 2-meter Zip at the Cat Ladder entrance.

Access Strategy:

The team initially used a MEWP to provide safe access to the roof and to facilitate the moving of our materials into the working area. During the works we accessed the roof area safely via an internal roof hatch and with suitable edge protection in place.


Our roof net installations require zero penetrations into the roof, to achieve this we used padded weighted roof mounts to support the net over-head height, and on this occasion, we created a bespoke doorway entry point at the top of the Cat Ladder access for inspection and maintenance purposes.

This project was successfully completed on time and within the Clients budget. As you can see from the case study pictures it takes a talented Installation team to carry out this level of specialist works - and they do what they do better than anyone else!

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Published 15th December 2020

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