Project: Tec Construction , Commercial Warehouse Netting


Our client contacted us seeking assistance for a Commercial Warehouse Project that they had recently been awarded as it was suffering due to significant pigeon pressure.

The issues stemmed from the Warehouse's large rolling doors, as when opened, the pigeons would gain access to the internal working areas, allowing them to nest and roost along the ceiling beams and other interior structures. 

This resulted in a large build-up of pigeon guano, which would then fall and contaminate the warehouse work area below, potentially exposing the workers to the harmful microorganisms found with the guano/bird droppings such as psittacosis and salmonella. 


Our proposed solution was to install our bespoke 50mm x 50mm Pigeon Netting to the internal of the warehouse, sealing off the main areas which equated to a substantial amount of bird netting being used.  This eliminated the pigeon’s access to the at-risk areas, forming a physical barrier between the birds and their desired nesting areas.

We used a variety of stainless-steel fixings to tension this sizeable netting system and when properly installed, our bird control systems are almost invisible to the naked eye, as you can see from the supporting pictures.

The exposed small ledge situated above the roller shutter doors required protection from the pigeons who seemed to occupy this space in shifts, so we installed a run of Pigeon Spikes over the door areas to prevent the Pigeons from perching and fouling the areas below, fresh guano creates a slippery and hazardous wet surface.

Access Strategy:

Due to the challenging location of the installation areas, our IPAF trained, two-man install team utilised a narrow electric boom lift as the safest and most efficient method to access the installation area, this method of access is popular for use in narrow areas and ideal for indoor applications.


“The project ran smoothly from start to finish, with great collaboration between Eco’s Project Managers & Client alongside the onsite teams. Working closely together allowed for the project to be completed within the specified time frame”.

“Working within an active warehouse, timings became critical to avoid disrupting the staff from their daily workloads. Eco Environmental, tailored an installation programme so that all parties knew where we would be installing throughout the installation. Allowing the site team to remove all the equipment and products to another location.”

Do you have a Pigeon or Gull problem that needs addressing before the next breeding season? If so, please call one of our specialist team members at Eco Environmental on 01752 669 009 or contact us through our live chat.  

Published 31st October 2023

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