Project: Sussex Street Christian Centre , Rhyl


Sussex Street Christian Centre has been a place of worship since 1863 and this Grade 2 listed building required a discreet, low-profile Bird Control solution to prevent the resident flocks of various types of birds from returning once the undergoing re-roofing works were completed.

Due to the property being situated on the coastline, several larger buildings in the area were already suffering from heavy Gull pressure as the birds had become accustomed to utilising the parapet walls and ridges as advantageous viewing points and protected nesting areas over the years.


After careful consideration and a site walkabout with the Client, it was mutually decided that the most discreet way of deterring the birds and reducing the problems they were causing would be to supply and install our Avishock low-profile Deterrent System which is almost impossible to see from the ground level.

This humane track system was installed to run along the full length of the roof’s parapet walls and ridges, securely fixed down with silicone adhesive and secured to the corners of the parapets using mechanical fixes ensuring that the entirety of the roof is protected.

Our Avishock Deterrent System does not cause any harm to the birds, it simply modifies their behaviour by touch, when a bird encounters the track, it will emit a small, harmless electric pulse to deter the bird from landing or returning to the area.

Access Strategy:

Due to the recent roofing works, we were able to utilise the existing scaffolding in situ to gain access to some areas of the roof – see gallery pictures.

For areas without any scaffolding edge protection, we utilised a MEWP Vehicle to gain access with roped fall restraints in place to allow our team to complete their works safely.


Jon Greenough - Greenough & Sons

“I waited around quietly for about an hour on the scaffold and not a single bird settled or even touched any part of the roof, despite properties either side being inundated with them again.”

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Published 17th April 2023

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