Project: Lagoon Netting, UK International Airport


Having successfully completed the tender process and project evaluation, we were recently awarded the Lagoon netting works at a UK International airport 

Our client required our expertise to help provide a solution to replace their pre-existing netting and deter nesting birds who were looking to create a home on one of their runway Lagoons. 

The Project objective was to install a robust netting solution for two individual areas within the Lagoon, utilising our galvanised tripod posts to safely support the netting system amidst the Lagoon’s rushing water. 


There were approximately 51 galvanised tripod posts in total, these were installed to the two different sections of the Lagoon classed as the clean and dirty areas – we installed approx. 3000 sqm of our bespoke netting and associated fixings within the allocated time frame. 

Due to the height of the water, the Tripod Posts needed to be installed at a 3m height, and our steel wire and fixings allowed the suspended netting system to be safely supported and sit comfortably above the flow of the Lagoon’s water.  

Access Strategy:

Due to the nature of the work, no access vehicle or MEWPs were required to carry out the work. Security clearance and onsite parking were provided by the Client and our two-man installation Team accessed the more vertical parts of the area by safely using a set of step ladders. 


Jonathan Taylor, Senior Project Manager – Eco Environmental Services Ltd 

“For various reasons, this was one of the most enjoyable projects completed so far this year. 

Published 30th August 2023

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