Project: Booker, Sunbury-on-Thames


This was an exciting project which had us looking at a single, large canopy spanning across two different areas of the client’s property.

The main area of concern was the trolly bay canopy as the pre-existing netting system had been damaged beyond repair, leaving parts of the exposed netting hanging down, with the possibility of birds becoming tangled and trapped behind the netting.

Left unprotected, the birds would begin to roost and nest under the canopy areas with their guano/ droppings and nesting materials falling onto the walkways as well as the loading bay areas.


After carrying out an inspection of the site and removing the pre-existing canopy netting system, we supplied and installed our 50mm Black Pigeon Netting to proof the store’s canopy, which totalled an overall install area of circa 650m2.

Stainless steel 2mm wires were used to support and tension the canopy netting system and prevent it from failing in the same way as the previous installation did, we often use our 2mm wire to cross wire or intermediate wire areas to bolster and act as additional support for our various netting systems.

As some of the existing fittings were of good enough quality to recycle and reuse, and due to the location of the fixings, we were able to slightly lower the net and encase and protect the store’s external A/C units, this ensured that the indoor air quality was not compromised.

The installation of our S clips not only kept the netting secured but also allowed future maintenance access to the proofed areas.

Access Strategy:

Due to the size of the store and the height of the canopies, a Boom Lift MEWP (Cherry Picker) was used to gain safe, elevated access to the installation areas.

Our installation Teams all carry their own PAL Cards (Powered Access Licence) which means they are certified to safely operate Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, also known as MEWPS, while undertaking their work.


Luke Howard, Project Manager - Eco Environmental Services

“This project needed a quick turnaround as the Client’s completion date was less than a week away."

"We were confident that we could arrange access on-site, appoint the necessary skilled Team as well as order the supply and delivery of our materials in a timely and safe manner, ensuring that the Project was completed within the allocated timescale and budget."

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Published 31st December 2023

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