Audible Bird Scarer and Noise Deterrent

Bird scaring is the dispersal of birds using stimuli that makes them uncomfortable. The majority of bird deterrent systems emit a sound connected with predator birds or distress calls.

Birds are intelligent creatures and can rapidly become habituated to initially frightening sights or sounds - once they realise these pose no real threat. This is why cheap, simple and unmanaged bird scarers are not as effective as often perceived by the public. Cheap visual bird scarers like plastic owls simply do not work.

The most effective bird control scaring techniques are often those involving visual and audible systems that are managed on an on-going basis rather than just being placed in situ and left. Moving starlings from night roosts, gulls from expansive areas and flocks of birds from airport runways are amongst the most useful bird scaring techniques developed.

Audible Bird Scarers from Eco Environmental

Audible bird scarers, such as ultrasonics, distress and predator bird calls, are effective bird deterrent systems designed to reduce bird, pigeon and gull flock numbers.

Here at Eco Environmental, we can apply effective audio bird scaring techniques as part of a greater bird control solution. Gull scarers and other bird and pigeon deterrents deliver quality results as part of a greater bespoke bird deterrent system.

Nevertheless, there are also other situations where problematic urban birds can be successfully dispersed, or where bird scarers can become a vitally useful part of an overall bird management solution. Often when bird scarers are used, it is still important to install bird deterrent systems to proof heavy pressure locations such as nesting sites in order to solve the problem.


There are systems on the market that supposedly scare birds using ultrasonic sounds. However, in general, birds have similar hearing to humans so birds would not be able to hear them. Thus ultrasonic sound generators have little or no effect in dispersing birds.

Distress and Predator Bird Calls

Many species of birds such as pigeons and gulls have a “distress call”. These are sounds that the birds transmit only when they are being attacked by a predator. Audible distress call bird scarers have a recording of the distress call of the pest bird, which is played back through a loudspeaker or series of loudspeakers.

Broadcasting distress calls elicits different reactions in different species of pest birds. Social and aggressive birds that communicate verbally within colonies, such as gulls and corvids will usually fly towards the source initially to see if they could mob the predator and help their kind. When the call ceases and they do not find a predator they are then unnerved or ‘scared’ by the possible danger and disperse. Birds that do not communicate much verbally or do not have bills or claws to threaten predators such as pigeons or starlings will tend to stop and assess the situation, then disperse directly. The best results are likely to come from the distress call of the actual pest bird species causing the problem, though closely related species distress calls can also evoke a response.

When social birds are dispersed using other bird scaring methods such as loud noises they generally do not fly far away. They would normally just settle on the nearest safe perch, which might be quite close to the area where they are causing a problem. With the use of distress call bird scarers, they generally tend to move further away from the call source and the entire uncomfortable area. Natural bird distress calls played back at a natural sound level are normally not intrusive to people.

Eco Environmental supplies a wide range of Audio Distress Systems for different situations and can advise on the most suitable for your specific bird problem. All systems are CE approved to 89/336/EEC.

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