Project: Queens Building , Bristol University, Bristol

Value: <£5K

Duration: 4 Days


Eco Environmental were asked to consider how best to deter the existing Gulls and Crows from picking up the Pebbles/Ballast with potential for damage to the onsite solar panels and glass windscreens within the surrounding car parks. These falling pebbles are an obvious Health and Safety risk to the general public and all who use the buildings and neighbouring areas.


Supplied and installed our 19mm Ballast Netting system including fixings to the existing pebbles, this netting can be walked over giving safe access and is UV stabilised which means that the material will not deteriorate in the sunlight making it a long term cost effective, affordable system.


This type of installation is often challenging. Choosing the correct fixings and netting gauge is critical to ensuring that a long-lasting solution remains in situ as is installing the system to the roofs without causing any internal and external damage. On-site, Contracts Manager Chris Pike commented “Many thanks for your help and prompt execution with this project”

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Published 11th January 2018

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