Project: Industrial Steel Commercial Units , Norfolk


Our established client operates within a popular logistics area for warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing on a large industrial estate. We were approached by them back in June 2022 as they had previously suffered with persistent Gull issues, both in terms of nesting and roosting on their high value, commercial buildings.

These Gulls were known to frequently occupy the top areas of our client’s building which they used as undisturbed vantage points, leading to a build-up of guano and nesting debris covering the roof, skylights, filling the gutters, and staining the facades of the units - The constant, distinctive Gull calling was becoming an issue for everyone in the surrounding area.


Prior to the commencement of the installation of our proposed, bespoke Gull Deterrent Solution we were required to cold pressure wash the areas to remove the build-up of guano from the roof as well as cleaning the sky light areas, the accompanying pictures show the level of the build-up.

Following this, a thorough gutter cleaning exercise was undertaken to ensure that the gutters remained free flowing from any potential blockages or obstructions caused by nesting materials and associated debris.

Once the cleaning had been completed, our installation team were sent in to procced with the installation of our 50mm Gull Netting system.

The netting system was installed to cover the entirety of the roof at a height of 750mm, enclosing the gutters at the sides of the units. This was done as an additional precaution to prevent future issues involving blocked gutters and property damage due to the nesting Gulls.

In addition to the Bird Netting, all outside lighting within the car park were fitted with our specialised Bird Spikes to ensure that the Gulls had no further place to perch, thereby encouraging them to humanely move on and away from the site. 

Access Strategy:

Our team was able to gain access to the roof and problematic areas using a bespoke temporary man safe system and a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) which allowed for safe access around the perimeters of the building.

All our IPAF trained MEWP operators have attended a recognised operator training course and have received a certificate and card listing the categories of MEWP the bearer is trained to operate. 


Stephen Gowling, Project Manager – Eco Environmental

“The job was extremely challenging given the inclement weather, but the client was extremely happy with the finished result.”

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Published 26th January 2023

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