Cabot Tower nears completion

A well-established stone conservation company based in Somerset engaged Eco Environmental Services Ltd to install a discrete anti bird netting system to the tower to eliminate the client's long term problem of pigeons roosting in the sheltered upper areas of the tower and accumulating large amounts of hazardous bird fouling.

Contracts manager David Harry commented: "Pigeons had fouled the internal stair and balconies during the period when the tower was shut to the public. We have worked with the architect Simon Cartlidge and Ben Wild from a well-established local masonry & stone restoration specialist to create a bespoke bird deterrent solution, ensuring as discreet an installation as possible is put in place.

The ultimate aim was to create a pigeon deterrent design which compliments the building's elements and architecture without being overbearing and I think we have achieved that.”

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Published 15th March 2012

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