Solar-powered Audio Seagull Scarers and Natural Falconry Create Winning Bird Deterrent

Eco Environmental Services were contacted to provide a solution to rid a large car dealership of a flock of 200 seagulls from nesting and roosting on the asbestos roof. The birds caused a massive nuisance in the form of noise and aggressive behaviour but the biggest problem was the amount of fouling that was created on the cars and show windows; as a result, the valeting and window cleaning cost was running into thousands every year.

The dealership's roof area is very large and this meant bird nets, the traditional method of sealing off roof areas from birds, proved uneconomic.

Our team of bird control specialists provided several options for the client to resolve the issue and a combined seagull deterrent system was agreed. We set up bird scarers on site in the form of a Solar powered Bio-Acoustics unit with several flights of Falcons and Hawks over a couple days as reinforcements.

This has been carried out and we are pleased to report not one bird is now roosting on the roof. Gulls have returned to investigate the empty, attractive roof area for roosting but the Solar-powerd Audio seagull scarer system has moved them on very quickly and efficiently.

The distress calls emanating from the bio acoustics machine have been further backed up by the presence of a Bird Of Prey. This reinforces the impression and threat that the area is dangerous for seagulls. The car dealership are delighted with the quick results.

To find out more about our seagull scarers and bird deterrent systems, please get in touch or call us on 01752 669009.

Published 15th March 2012

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