Project: Lings , Lowestoft


Our client contacted us in the early part of January 2023 when they were trying to source an alternative, workable solution to resolve the Gull issues they had been experiencing. Their previous Bird Control system had been pre-installed incorrectly by another contractor and was no longer deterring the Gulls that were following the inner Harbour water channel looking for suitable nesting and breeding areas.

The original netting system had been installed without the use of the correct support bases and had started to fail once it became exposed to the regular Easterly winds, in some instances it was clear to see that the bases that were in situ had caused damage to a portion of the roof’s membrane which now meant that the underside was no longer protected and open to all the elements.


It was agreed with the client when we visited site to survey that our team would remove and dispose of the entirety of the previous Netting System and install a bespoke 75mm Gull Netting, using our own secured, tried & tested rubber bases and perimeter wires to ensure that the roof membrane would not be further compromised. Netting zips were installed to allow access behind the bird net and are a suitable solution if you need to access plant and M&E equipment that requires maintenance or cleaning.

The new netting system was designed to be installed to cover the entire surface of the main roof, being fitted to the underside of the roof’s edge - encasing the full perimeter to allow for better protection, our pictures that accompany this case study show the finer detail.

Access Strategy:

This project required our team to use a set of MEWPs to gain safe access to the roof as well as to assist in lifting of the materials to the working area, allowing safe Manual Handling when lifting lowering and moving the working material loads.

Due to the lack of a suitable parapet wall, a weighted, portable mobile anchor system was utilised to provide a safe working system providing the necessary temporary roof fall protection.


Client Comment

“The whole process from start to finish was professional and informative, the guys on site were great and kept my staff on site informed and gave plenty of notice when they need to close off areas to work in.”

Luke Howard, Managing Project Manager - Eco Environmental

“I am delighted with the outcome of this Project, my install team demonstrated skill, attention to detail and professionalism throughout and the flexibility afforded by the Client meant that we could work whilst the Showroom remained open.”

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Published 28th February 2023

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