Project: Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) , Solihull


During the pandemic Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) began works building a new Logistics Operation’s Centre (LOC) adjacent to the existing manufacturing plant in Lode Lane, Solihull. This 50-acre site will provide 91,800m2 – around 13 football pitches of Warehousing operations space.

Eco Environmental were delighted when approached by the client and asked to supply and install our Bird Deterrent Netting system to the seven Loading Bay Canopies to deny any possibility of Aviary interference.


A site visit was arranged to assess the most suitable method and scope of works and once agreed we were able to submit a tailored Bird Proofing solution which covered the entirety of the underside of the exposed seven exterior canopies of the warehouse.

Our install team supplied and fitted our 28mm Bird netting with our industry standard components such as s/s steel cable, hog rings and girder clips making up the overall framework. No lights were in situ to the underside of the canopy hence zip access was not a requirement.

As standard, our Netting installations carry a 10-year warranty against failure due to UV degradation.

Access Strategy:

Although the seven external canopies to the LOC were accessible via the ground level, the areas we were protecting were almost 20 ft high hence we provided a couple of MEWPs.  These were operated by our IPAF trained team who understand the limitations of such access, are familiar with operating the equipment and can demonstrate pre-operational and safe operating procedures.


JLR’s new building is net zero carbon in its construction and through their partnership with Planet Mark and climate action charity, Cool Earth, they measured and reduced the building’s whole life carbon footprint and mitigated 5 times the unavoidable embodied carbon emissions by protecting vital areas of rainforest. The LOC is protecting 760 acres of rainforest canopy in the Peruvian Amazon, that’s locking in 197,600 tonnes of carbon and supporting indigenous communities to protect the rainforest for the future benefit of everyone.

Eco Environmental are proud to have collaborated on such a project and partnered a client that is aware of their energy consumption and share the same values.

Published 8th December 2021

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