Project: Home Bargains - Margate , Kent


To protect the flat roof area and deny access to the nesting Gulls who had sought shelter in order to secure a safe, protective breeding area.

The parapet to the roof and similar types of ledges are the most common of problematic areas for Facilities and Estate managers as they provide the Gulls with a perfect vantage point for them to survey for food opportunities.


Having considered the coastal location as well as the clients request to protect the new roof finish we agreed that we could supply & install our approved Bird Netting System and support system as shown in the gallery pictures, the grid system comprised of a stainless-steel perimeter straining cable, which often is supported by stainless steel fixings appended in various methods to the structure at regular centres. Our netting installers tension the cable using a high-quality grade stainless steel barrel strainers, wire, and hog rings to complete the installation.

Our Bird spikes are available in 304 and 316 stainless steel and are used to protect ledges and parapet walls. They come in many sizes dependant on the type of bird we are trying to mitigate. As an example, Gull spikes are 150mm high, making them taller than a Gull’s leg, this makes it impossible for them to land in between the spikes and nest.

Access Strategy:

Our installation team gained access to the roof top area by using a MEWP, the latchway system, designed for fall arrest applications such as this allowed the team to work the full expanse of the roof and plant areas without sacrificing any degree of safety.

All our IPAF trained MEWP operators have attended a recognised operator training course and received a certificate and card listing the categories of MEWP the bearer is trained to operate.


In many cases, problems with Gulls can be avoided or kept to tolerable levels by local authorities and building owners taking preventative, non-harmful measures such as installing physical barriers such as netting or wire over vulnerable roosting areas, keeping food storage and waste facility areas secure and discouraging deliberate feeding of birds by the public.

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Published 25th May 2022

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