Project: Home Bargains - Margate , Kent

Value: >£10K

Duration: 6 Days


To protect the flat roof area and deny access to nesting Seagulls and other birds that sought shelter.


Supply & install our approved Bird Netting System above the new roof finish and attach to parapet walls. Our Bird Netting Systems consists of a stainless-steel perimeter straining cable, which often is supported by stainless steel fixings appended in various methods to the structure at regular centres. Our netting installers tension the cable using a high-quality grade stainless steel barrel strainers, wire and hog rings to complete the installation.

Access Strategy:

MEWP to access the roof and personal fall arrest systems in place.


Our professionalism and workmanship make Eco Environmental your first choice for future Bird Control projects.

Further Bird Control information can be found by visiting Pigeon & Seagull Control

Published 25th July 2017

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