Project: Ensus UK Ltd , North Yorkshire


The Facilities and Logistics Team @ Ensus UK Ltd made contact with Eco Environmental Services looking for advice to deter the nesting and roosting Pigeons at their above site.

We were tasked with denying the overnight resident Pigeon flock from further roosting on the exposed pipework and ledges on this impressively sized production plant. The visible build-up of the unsightly bird droppings to the various areas had become an area for concern, Pigeon guano is acidic which means it can cause damage to numerous types of substrate and the dry particles of bird fouling can often cause respiratory problems.


Due to the intricacies of this site a variety of our Bird Deterrent system(s) were utilised to ensure that an effective Bird control system was put in place.

After carrying out a comprehensive guano and bird carcass clean we progressed to installing our 50mm Pigeon netting and humane Bird Spikes that we supplied and installed to all identified problem areas; the netting was supported where necessary by a number of 2M tubers per silo with the opportunity to allow for future access; a box netting frame was supplied and installed to a more intricate area of this site; our netting system was also installed around a walkway supported by additional posts to allow future access.

Access Strategy:

MEWP (IPAF trained staff) & Abseil/Rope Access (IRATA trained staff) for high level access works.

All of our IPAF trained MEWP operators have attended a recognised operator training course and received a certificate and card listing the categories of MEWP the bearer is trained to operate.

Skips and Guano Removal:

Skips at this site were provided by Eco Environmental for safe disposal of all Pigeon guano, carcasses and nesting materials/debris. As a business that handles or disposes controlled waste Eco Environmental understands that we have a statutory obligation to ensure it is managed correctly under Duty of Care legislation hence a Waste Transfer Note is issued for each load of non-hazardous waste moved ensuring that we are fulfilling our legal duties. Further information can be found by visiting


Effective communication skills and flexibility between the onsite Project team and Installation technicians enabled these works to be carried out safely, on time and within budget.

Do you have a problem with Roosting Pigeons – if so call one of our specialist team members at Eco Environmental on 01752 669009 or visit our website

Further Pigeon Control information can be found by visiting

Published 21st May 2019

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