Project: Jericho Primary School , Whitehaven


Eco Environmental recently carried out various Bird Netting works to some high-profile locations throughout the North West of England and it’s always exciting to work with our clients designing a simple but cost-effective solution that solves their Bird problems.

This project was a New Build and the Client had already responsibly identified that Pigeons would pose as an unwanted issue to the schools Plant Deck area, fouling and nesting debris would have almost certainly been found on the newly installed M&E plant and surrounding floor area.

Our requisite was to prevent any pigeons or birds from accessing the Plant Deck. Pigeons breed all year around and because this type of roof area  provides them with a vantage point and sheltered roosting area it was essential that a deterrent system be installed prior to handing over this project.


Working from the Roof plans submitted by our client we were able to design a system that would encapsulate the Plant Deck area and deny any further Pigeon access. Eco Environmental supplied and installed our 50mm black Bird Netting to this area of concern – stainless steel wires and fixings were used due to the coastal location of this installation - although galvanized and stainless steel look the same, they are different in terms of composition, weight, strength and application hence it is very important to tell them apart.

Access Strategy:

Internal access and then via Roof access hatch; a combination of hop up podium steps and ladder access provided a versatile way of working safely when the floor beneath you might be of varied heights in places. Site specific RAMS were submitted to client for prior sign off and acceptance before any works  commenced.


Our professionalism and workmanship are what made Eco Environmental the clients natural, first choice for such Bird Control projects.

Eco’s robust Bird Netting Systems have over the years has been shown to be a cost-effective and humane bird deterrent solution for a growing variety of Commercial purposes, for instance Air Craft Hangars, Warehouse Canopies and other large Commercial buildings such as Stadiums and Loading Bays.

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Published 17th July 2019

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