Project: Crown Paints , Hull


Our client contacted us towards the end of last year’s Gull nesting season as they were trying to source a solution to the established nesting pattern with the local Gulls, this in turn was causing a large amount of stock damage that had resulted from the nesting materials and associated debris clogging up and blocking the roof gutters and drainage.

Another prominent issue discussed at the time of survey was the aggression shown towards any reactive/emergency maintenance teams that tried to access the roof area during the breeding season to deal with essential repair works as well as the diseases associated with nesting birds.


We supplied and installed our 75mm Gull netting system to the whole roof area which was an impressive 8,925 square meters in overall expanse.

Our bespoke system was supported by our 2mm and 3mm stainless steel core filament wire rope, breaking strain and diameter tolerance accounted for. Stainless steel fixings were used due to the coastal location and the bases and posts were laid out in a calculated grid style to accommodate the internal and external meter centre placings thereby enabling an overall robust and supported netting installation.

Access Strategy:

We used MEWP’s to gain access to the roof, these were also utilised to safely lift the materials to the working area with the height of parapet wall providing an overall safe working environment.

All our certified IPAF trained MEWP operators have attended a recognised operator training course and have received a certificate and card listing the categories of MEWP the bearer is trained to operate,/en-gb/ve...


Senior Project Manager, Jonathan Taylor commented: - “Such fantastic work conducted by the install Team, they did a fabulous job, and the overall system looks great!

Our client was extremely pleased with the end result and it was a pleasure to work with everyone involved.”

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Published 30th September 2022

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