Project: Comland , Basement Car Park, Amersham


Following on from a successful Bird Spike installation at the site, the client asked Eco to return to provide a solution to deter pigeons from roosting on the cable trays and pipework of the basement car park.

The pigeons had discovered the warmth and protection of this basement car park and the problem with them nesting and fouling on the cars thereby leaving unsightly blemishes and patches on the car paintwork was becoming an issue.


Eco Environmental specified a humane, cost effective 50mm Pigeon Netting system that would deny any Pigeons from roosting within the underside and soffit area of the basement car park. Having identified the need for future access to the lights we agreed to install stainless steel clips to the net immediately below the lights.

We also installed our stainless-steel weldmesh to the ceiling corrugations to deter any pigeons from entering the basement car park.

Our Bird Netting is one of the most requested control systems and when installed correctly it is a very successful deterrent system thereby ensuring that your buildings and structures are protected against all types of urban bird species, in particular Pigeons and Seagulls. 

Access Strategy:

Given the low height of the car park our works were completed using low level access equipment.

Site specific RAMS were submitted to client for prior sign off and acceptance before any works commenced – Pre-start meeting with client to confirm and agree height lines for the netting installation.


Our previous works at this site and proven workmanship are what made Eco Environmental the clients natural, first choice for this Bird Control project.

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Published 30th October 2019

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