Project: Balfour Beatty , Plymouth Life Centre


Located across from PAFC Home Park and opened in 2012, the Plymouth Life Centre is one of the countries leading Aquatic and Sporting venues, famous for being the training ground of our local Olympian’s Tonia Couch and Tom Daley.

This facility has been hugely popular with people of all ages since it opened, providing a wide range of sports and leisure services however there had been several issues requiring rectification works over the last eight years, the Bird Control netting system installed by a previous company being one of these areas.


Upon an initial site survey and inspection @ Plymouth Life Centre, it was apparent to all that the current bird netting system had failed in multiple areas, deteriorating significantly, so much so that a large proportion of the net could be seen lying flat on top the Plant and M&E of the rooftop with zero bird control protection.

Incorrect galvanised fixings had been applied to the overall installation which resulted in the shorter life span of the system in question.

The roof top of this site is often exposed to some very severe coastal weather conditions, hence we proposed and installed our durable and robust netting system including stainless steel fixings that would ensure resilience and stability to the system for years to come.

A 50mm net system supported by galvanised struts in various lengths with stainless steel wire and fixings replaced the existing 75mm net that had been clipped randomly to various aspects of the roof and plant area. This was to ensure that Pigeons, Gulls, and some of the smaller species birds found around this area would be denied access to the Plant Areas and sheltered spots that go on to provide the birds with a safe, warm nesting area.

Access Strategy:

Wearing site specified PPE (Hard Hat, Gloves, Safety Specs, Hi Vis, Steel Capped Boots) the Team signed in and completed their site induction, they were then cleared to access the roof via an internal stair way and straight out onto the working area.

The existing deck scaffolding had been removed prior to us commencing works on site so we implemented the safe use of ladders as an alternative where needed to gain the height access for a safe and structurally sound installation.

Part of the working area around some of the M&E was particularly narrow and tricky to access, the team accepted this challenge, overcame the obstacles as they always do and completed the works safely, on time and within budget.


Tom Dacey, Eco Environmental Project Manager commented:

"Our company is a Gold Member of ConstuctionLine, and this was one of the requisites of being awarded this Project. Our Gold Membership certificate means that ConstructionLine have assessed our Company’s qualifications and credentials for environmental and quality management, equal opportunities, modern slavery, anti-bribery and corruption policies, giving our customers the peace of mind that our work is fully compliant within the Construction sector."

Steve Bright, BB Senior Project Manager commented:

"We are very pleased with the quality of this new netting installation, it looks great, and your install Team were a pleasure to work with."

Published 17th September 2021

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