Project: Arnolfini / UWE City Campus , Bristol


Housed in a prominent 19th Century Grade II listed building on Bristol’s harbourside, Arnolfini is an inspiring public space for contemporary arts and learning, it is also shared by the City Campus UWE, Bristol.

Arnolfini is home to an abundance of contemporary arts, such as performance, dance, film and music. The on-site noise pollution from the nesting, feathered residents were anticipated to be a real nuisance that ultimately could interfere with the operations conducted inside, whilst the outside of the building could begin to suffer with guano/fouling staining and bird faeces which are both unattractive, costly and damaging to the exterior of the building.

Eco Environmental were thrilled to have been approached by UWE Bristol and asked to provide a scope of works that would deter and protect this historical site from resident roosting birds. Bird netting was the final agreed solution as this is a humane and cost-effective way to prevent a considerable number of bird species such as pigeons, gulls, sparrows, and starlings from accessing the area, a different gauge of netting being required for each species of bird.


Due to the complexity of the building architecture, the roof was initially inaccessible therefore we were unable to fix any bird deterrent solutions without instructing and arranging for a bespoke Safety Line system to be installed to the metal sheet roof.

These specialist works were not without issue and due to material delays and other unprecedented disruptions we found ourselves facing weekly obstacles that looked to compromise the installation.

By working closely with the Client and communicating the updates as we received them, we were able to finally supply and install our 50mm Bird Netting framework system safely to the various roof plant areas at 2 meters above the roof, ending at the gutter lip, thereby allowing future access to the netted areas.

Access Strategy:

Internal building entry and then via a ladder to the plant enclosure to access the Arnolfini main roof. The new installation of the Safety Line installed for restraint purposes provided safe access to the entire roof for two simultaneous workers, used in conjunction with the safety stipulated RAMS and PPE inspection reports such as Harness & Ladder certificates.  Once the system was installed and certified, our team were able to work safely and effectively thereby providing the Arnolfini building with a 50mm bird netting system that would protect and enhance this listed building for many years to come.


Building Manager Phil Dawe said:

Eco Environmental did a fantastic job despite the difficulties they faced. Delays can’t be helped but we appreciate the communication, speed and effectiveness in which these issues were overcome.”

Mark Daley, Site Manager also added: We are very pleased with the bird proofing system Eco Environmental supplied to us!”

No project is ever perfect, but we at Eco Environmental pride ourselves on overcoming hurdles, liaising directly with the client and keeping them in the loop with any issues we may face thereby ensuring a good client experience at the end of the Project.

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Published 26th July 2021

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