Project: Aldi , Exeter


Back in March of 2022, we were contacted by our clients to help provide further proofing to the roof of their building. They were suffering under the primary residents roosting on this building - feral pigeons.

After our site survey, we were able to confirm that while the original problem area was protected well by the previously installed Bird Spikes, additional deterrents were needed to pressure the remaining birds present on the unprotected areas of the roof and move them on.


After a review of both the site and existing deterrent system, it was agreed that we would supply and install our 50mm Roof Netting System to proof the remaining unprotected areas.

The netting was installed to cover the entire surface of the building’s roof, from the perimeter of the roof line up to the Bird Spikes to deny the feral pigeons from having a place to perch and roost.

In order to allow for maintenance to be conducted on the roof in the future, the netting system was installed at a height of 2m thereby allowing M&E works to be conducted under a protected working environment.

Access Strategy:

Access to the roof was gained using a MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) Vehicle which we supplied for this Project.

All our IPAF trained MEWP operators have attended a recognised operator training course and received a certificate and card listing the categories of MEWP the bearer is trained to operate. 


Tom Dacey, Project Manager - Eco Environmental

“There’s always something special when a client offers you the opportunity to carry out repeat business, it shows that they trust you and your solutions' and have an affinity towards us as a business”

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Published 16th December 2022

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