Discreet Bird Netting System for London's Garrick Theatre Proves Effective Bird Deterrent

As there were large openings around the ornate balcony the only real option was our Anti Bird Net System, which would provide a barrier across these wide expanses. We specified our special order stone coloured Bird Netting to provide a more discreet system and to blend in with the finished painted …

Staggered Bird Wire Posts Prove to be Successful Pigeon Deterrents

We were contacted by the project team of Sisk as they were looking for a bird control system which could be fitted to the ornate brass clad balcony pods on the rear elevation of their Weymouth Street project.

Bird Control Systems Prevent Birds' Access into Dublin Hospital

With the high health and hygiene standards and requirements of the hospital, a bespoke bird deterrent programme was put together by our specialist surveyor with recommendations for proofing to eliminate the problems as they developed.

Fouling Cleaning and Installation of Bird Nets at the Bath Substation of Western Power Distribution

Pigeons were fouling the compound and nesting in the cooler fan blades. There was the potential for fan failure or high speed ejection of fouling, sticks or other material, which could injure the station's workers and cause great damage to the equipment.

Anti-Bird Netting Provides Effective Solution

Following a recommendation from the local authority, the landlord's agent approached us to provide a solution to the feral pigeon problem in the rear yard: the infestation level was substantial with nesting birds present in the rear yard.

Seagull Fouling Cleaning in Birmingham

Earlier in 2011, Eco Environmental embarked on a new seagull deterrent project in Birmingham. We were asked to remove bird eggs and nests from a heavily populated site as the material deposited by seagulls was causing serious issues for our client.

Bespoke Bird Deterrent System for West London Audi

The architects Wilkinson Ere contacted Eco Environmental looking for a solution to prevent feral pigeons from entering the top floor through the automatically opening roof vent of the new West London Audi building they had designed.

Fouling Cleaning at Woodhouse Mill's Water Regulator

We were contacted by our client to resolve an issue with feral pigeons perching on the water regulator in South Yorkshire, which was causing a fouling hazard to engineers working on the structure.

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