Plymouth City Centre Gull Issues

In recent years, the Gulls have relocated to urban areas – the reason for this is unknown, but speculation suggests access to easy food sources are the main reason hence they have taken it upon themselves to grab food in residential and commercial areas such as our central City Centre areas.

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Growing up to 66cm in length and weighing over 1.5kg these birds are one of the largest and nosiest of their species.

Plymouth City Council launched a campaign to crack down on the scavenger birds in 2014, warning the public not to feed them -  Councillor Ian Bowyer recently met with Eco Environmental to discuss the ongoing issues as well as preventative methods that could be applied to reducing the flock currently residing within the immediate City Centre vicinity.

Plymouth MP Oliver Colville is currently helping lead a call for action on the menace birds in Parliament – Eco Environmental have worked with Oliver over the years and provided professional guidance as well as the briefing notes used in the recent Parliamentary debate.

According to the RSPB website, Seagulls are misunderstood by the general public and attack when trying to protect their young.

Some suggestive ways to prevent getting attacked by the Seagulls: -

  • Refrain from feeding the gulls both intentionally or unintentionally as this reinforces their belief that all humans provide an easy food source and reduces their natural wariness of humans.
  • Be responsible for your littering and only put your rubbish out on the actual collection day.
  • Reduce the amount of food waste we send to the landfill
  • Carry out an annual maintenance survey of your commercial buildings to remove any redundant nests and associated nesting materials (usually September)
  • Use non-harmful, operative, Bird Deterrent systems such as – Bird netting, Bird wires, Bird spikes and other various cost effective solutions that can help to discourage the Seagulls from returning the following year.

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Published 28th May 2017

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