Pigeon Deterrents Ready for London 2012 Olympic Games

Eco Environmental Services Ltd were asked to install pigeon deterrents as specified by the client's architect. This specification was based around three main types of bird control installation:

The pigeon deterrent works commenced at the end of February 2012 with the installation of our stainless steel bird wire system in one row to the windowsills. These were made from powder-coated aluminium and could not be penetrated with a fixing due to the potential risk of water ingress. Instead, we used our purpose-made stick-on based system with a quality hi-tac adhesive.

Prior to fixing the bird wires into place, the sills were treated with a surface activator, which acts as a cleaner but also ensures a better bond between base and surface. Due to the particularly cold weather conditions at the time, we found the adhesive was taking longer than the usual 24 hours to cure so we left two days between visits to ensure good adhesion. On the second visit, we installed the sprung bird wire to the posts.

We also installed one row of bird wire to the blades of the louvered screens around the building to prevent pigeons from roosting on these surfaces. We used a mixture of our client's existing scaffolding and mobile hoists (MEWPS) operated by our IPAF trained staff to access these areas.

During the last week of the contract, we installed our stainless steel Birdpoint bird deterrent spikes to the parapet wall to prevent pigeons from landing. Our black 50mm Birdnet bird mesh netting was hung over the plant well to deny birds' access to this location.

Plant areas and air handling units produce heat and provide shelter, which create high-pressure pigeon roosts. These situations should always be considered when bird proofing a new building as we often find bird fouling and nesting material in these areas – this is a serious health risk when distributed around air handling units. In addition, the high-pressure situation creates excess pigeon fouling on other areas of the building and adjacent premises which incur higher maintenance fees.

Effective pigeon deterrents prevent birds from landing on your premises and therefore stop the birds from nesting in your building. Health and Safety risks and cleaning costs are considerably reduced with effective bird deterrent measures.

Please contact Eco Environmental for more information about our bespoke pigeon deterrents!

The hotel is now open and can be viewed here

Published 25th November 2015

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