Eco Environmental completes Pebble Ballast Netting for Birmingham University's Chamberlain Student Accommodation project.

Close to completion, our Client was perplexed by an unexpected problem - the new glass canopy at 1st floor level was being smashed by vandals. Further investigation found the culprit - crows were picking up the pebble ballast on the 9th floor roof and dropping it on the glass roof many floors below.

Eco Environmental Ballast Netting solution can be installed without mechanical fixing, which was ideal for this inverted warm roof system.

Within 15 days of instruction the net was installed, preventing crows and gulls from picking up the ballast.

Contracts Manager Dave Harry commented;

"This strong but discrete solution is perfect for large pebble ballast roofs and compared to the cost of replacing the ballast, it provides a cost effective solution to a growing problem around the UK, gulls and crows think the pebbles may have food inside and just like on the beach with shellfish, they try to open the pebble by dropping it on hard surfaces. You would think they would quickly learn that they are not food, but once the habit has formed the same birds may try hundreds of pebbles per month.”

A little cost today could save you a much larger cost tomorrow - If you are looking to preserve the aesthetics of your Pebble Ballast Roof whilst reducing Health & Safety risk, why not talk to Eco Environmental on 01752 669 009 to arrange your bespoke, specialist survey today!

Published 3rd January 2017

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