Eco Bird Laser proves effective in the battle to prevent Gulls and other birds from nesting and roosting.

Eco Environmental are delighted to introduce their latest product The Eco Bird Laser, a silent, non-harmful, automated Bird Laser Deterrent System.

Bird Lasers joined the already extensive list of Deterrent choices earlier this year. This non -harmful option has proven to be such a successful alternative that it's been awarded 2016 Pest Best Product Award winner by leading Pest professionals.

This revolutionary new laser system works by shining a small narrow laser beam on to a surface and towards the bird as they fly. Birds will see the beam as a physical threat and their natural reflex will be to fly away, in a similar manner to when they're confronted by moving traffic.

Because the laser has been created to trigger a survival instinct on a visual basis it makes it one of the most humane Deterrent Systems on today's market.

Regular programming and usage of the laser system will lead to the birds deeming their habitual roosting area as unsafe thereby encouraging the flock to move to another location. The beam can be visible for distances exceeding 2000m and is best used on areas such a Farmland, Commercial Roofs, Lakes, Fisheries, Orchards and other larger structures where net and spiking may not be the most cost effective or practical solution.

Here are a few interesting facts about the Laser system:

  • Its wide range enables the laser to cover a surface area of up to 12kmĀ²
  • Developed with help from farmers and avian research groups to ensure maximum effectiveness
  • Works on over 7 species of birds, including Gulls and Pigeons as well as Crows, Geese and more
  • Silent, non-harmful to the birds and Environmentally friendly
  • Long lasting effective results when used regularly
  • Available in a handheld format too

Are you a landowner, building manager or agricultural grounds keeper? Would your land or site benefit from one of our bespoke laser installations?

Contact Eco Environmental on 01752 669009 today to discuss any questions you may have relating to any aspect of Bird Control.

Published 3rd January 2017

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