Eco Ltd awarded Achilles Link-up Audit accreditation

Many areas of the UK's rail infrastructure, including stations and other buildings, are often plagued by pigeons and gulls. Eco Environmental Ltd is now in the coveted position of being recognised as an official supplier of services and deterrent products to the rail industry.

What do seagulls make their nests from?

"It's surprising what you find in nests associated with gull colonies”, says Contract Manager David Harry. "The nest will be added to each year if not removed, become quite substantial and can easily block drains”.

Seagull hazard at Legoland

Our Office Administrator did just that when she saw that Legoland Windsor had a seagull problem when she was there during a visit with her family. Fortunately, the gulls she saw attacking the Lego ‘twitcher' were also made of Lego. She said: "Look, there's even a seagull problem at Legoland!!”

Seagull attacks on the increase

The online poll has gathered personal experiences from householders, workers and tourists about the aggressive behaviour of seagulls. There are even calls for a Gull Conference in the Bristol area to coordinate a response to the problem.

How does a seagull manage to flood a roof?

Take a look at the photo on the right. It's a herring gull nest, which is 2ft long and 4 inches tall - and it blocks the passage of rainwater to the drain below.

Is this the earliest pair of urban Herring Gull eggs in Wales?

Traditionally, seagulls have been laying their eggs in mid-May but gull breeding has begun earlier over the last few years. The picture on the right was taken on 30th April in Swansea.

We did it! Running Plymouth Half Marathon for Charity

On Sunday 28th April, two members of the Eco Environmental Services team ran the Plymouth Half Marathon in an effort to raise funds for two UK charities.

Eco Anti Climb Spike System fitted to Plymouth Barbican Landing Stage

Eco Environmental were contacted in December 2012 and asked to install an anti-climb security system that would prevent the Plymouth Barbican Landing Stage from being used as a diving platform by members of the public once the warmer weather arrived in Spring 2013.

Ever wondered what all the fuss is about with a few town pigeons?

Eco Environmental were asked to clean up and then install our bird netting system Birdnet to a private property. Check out the first picture on the right to see what our bird control team found when they attended the site!

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