Take action now and control the pecking order on your Roofs and Buildings.

The Gull Mating Season will commence within the next few months. Herring Gull and Lesser Black Backed Gulls will be returning from their over wintering sites and once courtship has successfully taken place a safe, sheltered nesting site will be chosen by the birds to lay two to four eggs. Gulls will choose the same sites year after year building large nests that can block downpipes.

The eggs and young are defended vigorously by these large sized Gulls. Incubation is normally 28-30 days, the young birds fledge (are able to fly) 35–40 days after hatching, fledglings are generally fed by their parents until they are 11–12 weeks old. The parent's aggressive reaction to any threats to the chick increases as their investment in the chick grows, with the peak period of aggressive behaviour toward people being the period May- August.

All of the above means that if you do not seek advice relating to lawful Gull solutions now you could end up with some unwanted tenants on your roofs and buildings for the next 6 months.

Eco Environmental are able to provide bespoke site surveys that will identify correct control measures that will help to mitigate your Gull problems. The law requires that certain measures are trialled or considered first. Eco can guide you through these measures to successfully control the gull problem, but in order for all measures to be available to you, you must act quickly.

Seagull Deterrent's:

  • Proofing such as Bird Netting & Bird Spike – Bird Gel is also available
  • Audio Distress Units
  • Laser Deterrents
  • Lawful Egg & Nest Removal

Over the years we have installed numerous ,simple, cost effective Seagull Deterrent Systems but don't just take our word for it, here is some feedback from one of our satisfied clients, you can be sure we worked hard to deserve what they said.

"Good, professional reliable team who were able to flex with our business needs.

The product is effective and we have been monitoring the bird behaviour and their various techniques to try to nest on the site with interest.

We are now into the breeding season and bird activity it pretty much non-existent, particularly compared with neighbouring sites.

Thanks again”

(Trevor Anstey, Division EHSE & Facilities Maintenance Manager @ Parker Hannifin, UK )

Call us on 01752 669009 for further advice or to arrange a site survey. Further information relating to all of our services can be found by visiting www.ecoltd.net

Published 26th February 2016

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