Reduce the impact of Residual Risk by installing Ballast Netting

Ballasted roofs provide an attractive, cost effective covering for warm roofs that blend well with a range of architectural styles.

For the building owner, ballasted roofs are durable and long lasting. The aggregates protect flat roofing membranes from ultra-violet rays of the sun which can often cause deterioration.

Gulls and Corvid (Crow family) problems can be quite common on ballast roofing as the birds will often pick up the large pebble ballast, mistaking the pebbles for food they will drop the stones from a great height in an attempt to open them.

These falling pebbles are obviously a health and safety risk to the general public who use the buildings on a daily basis - as an example the most attractive ballast size being 20mm -100mm.

Nets can be installed above head height or where a more discreet installation is required, directly on to the pebbles.

The nets are then sealed around the pavers, no trip hazards are created on or around any paving as the nets are buried alongside the pavers and edge details with pedestrian access being maintained to the pavers.

Our expert teams are trained in cutting, joining and tensioning the ballast nets that can also be installed without mechanical fixings which in terms of roof warranties provides its own benefits.

Ballast Netting is an effective Bird Deterrent successfully providing a discreet and impenetrable barrier that protects the premises without harming the birds.

For all Ballast Roofing assistance or should you need help with any other type of Bird Control please contact us contact us on 01752 669009 or email

Published 21st December 2015

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