Roped Access Project Completed Quickly, Safely and Cost Effectively

The stunning property on the Gower peninsula in Wales needed the simple job undertaking of clearing weeds for the gutters. However, the size of the property and the height of the gutters would have been expensive to access from scaffolding so our rope access team was called in to complete the works. Quickly, safely and cost effectively.

Our Industrial rope access method can provide a cost efficient alternative to expensive scaffolding. In addition to installing bird deterrent systems such as bird netting and bird spikes in hard to reach places, our Industrial Rope Access methods can also be used for

  • concrete repairs repointing, gutter and rood repairs, painting, cleaning
  • sign and banner installation
  • high pressure cleaning
  • rigging work, steel erection, steel removal
  • silo cleaning/repairs/inspection/installation of temperature probes
  • Pipe work inspection, visual inspection of flare stacks and chimneys.

If you need our rope access team's help, please contact us or give us a call on 01752 669009!

Published 15th March 2012

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