Pest Control & the Law

Judging by the amount of recent news stories across the country it is evident that people are starting to take the law in to their own hands when dealing with our pesky winged neighbours.

Unfortunately these people were not consciously aware of the protective laws encompassing birds and harm caused to them or their territories.

It is illegal to cause harm to gulls and pigeons under the "Wildlife & Countryside” Act – a general license is required to competently remove or deter birds from a building/location.

Eco Environmental are in possession of the necessary general licences to legally resolve any bird control issues you and your company may be facing. For more information please click the link here to view the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981.

Should your requirement be to preserve public health or public safety and prevent serious damage or diseases then please contact us on 01752 669 009 to discuss further.

Eco Environmental are best known for being competent in egg & nest removal, falconry, bird cull & bird control services, if this is something you feel you may benefit from please contact us on 01752 669 009 or email us at

Published 19th March 2015

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