Newtiful Newt News!!

Eco Environmental are able to carry out a variety of humane Netting and Barrier/Exclusion installations.

We recently installed a sizeable Newt exclusion system that is designed to protect and contain the population of such endangered amphibian species.

Newts are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) and there are three species found within the UK, The Great Crested, the Palmate and the Common Newt.

The Great Crested Newt has suffered a major decline across Britain over the years, probably due to agricultural infestation and commercial development causing the loss of field ponds and other habitats that support these newts.

We are able to advise and provide specification of our Eco Newt exclusion systems (temporary and semi-permanent) and our works are carried out in line with Natural England to ensure that we take into account the impact on the wildlife.

If you need to fulfil your Planning conditions prior to commencing your development works you may need to consider the installation of Newt Or Amphibian Exclusion netting.

Our permanent or temporary Newt & Amphibian exclusion systems are treated against UV decomposition and these systems are suitable for all forms of amphibian and reptile exclusion.

Please call us on 01752 669009 to discuss your requirements and arrange for a free survey and quotation.

Published 31st July 2018

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