Eco Sponsor Fruit Orchard!

Dave Harry (Wales & West Eco PM) contacted us back in February and advised that Singleton Allotment Association in Swansea were looking to raise funds in the hope of establishing an Orchard. Dave is the associations secretary and details can be found here:

Eco Environmental were thrilled to have contributed and sponsored a number of apple and plum trees together with the supporting stakes - Belle de Boscop and Dabinett apples amongst others were planted.

There are plans to include some cider variations at a later stage and the Team very much look forward to sampling the first fruits within the next three years.....Squirrel dependent!

Community orchards create habitats for wildlife as well as the production and ownership of fresh fruit that tastes better and has more nutrients and antioxidants when picked ripe from the tree.

We will keep in regular touch with Dave to make sure all is going well with the trees and their future development - further updates to follow.

Published 21st March 2019

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