Damage to Roof Top Plant

Is your Roof Top Plant under attack from nuisance birds such as Seagulls, Crows and Pigeons. 

A Plymouth building recently had their weatherproof  cover and insulation pecked and destroyed by resident nesting birds – this damage has the effect of reducing the insulation of the M&E, possibly making the heating system work harder or to cause condensation problems for the equipment.

Bird fouling (also referred to as guano) is a potential health risk especially near ventilation systems and rooftop plant machinery.

Ultimately a very expensive piece of important M&E equipment could fail which would cost a substantial amount to repair not to mention the potential for the building itself to be closed.

All of this could be have been prevented with a low-cost Eco Bird Control solution such as our Gull and Pigeon Netting systems https://www.ecoltd.net/bird-control

Are you experiencing Pigeon & Seagull problems on your commercial buildings, if so call one of our team on 01752 669009 or email info@ecoltd.net to arrange your free, no obligation survey.

Published 13th December 2018

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