Commercial Pond Netting Installation

Not our usual type of works but something a little bit different for our Project Team to manage recently!

Eco Environmental were asked to supply and install some Pond Netting to prevent Herons from diving and eating the fish in a newly refurbished and fish replenished pond within a commercial complex in Madley, Hereford.

Surrounding foliage, such as trees or bushes, provide a great vantage point for the birds and the fallen leaves from such shrubbery are often considered just a visual problem. This is not the case, as leaves and other organic matter sink to the bottom of your pond, they begin to decompose and contribute to sludge. During the decomposition process bacteria breaks down the waste and compounds are released into the pond that can harm or kill the fish and promote the overgrowth of algae thereby discolouring the water.

This project had a requisite for us to install our discreet 19mm Pond Netting to seal the top of the ponds by tensioning the net to the perimeter with our stainless-steel cable and stainless-steel hog rings. This type of installation does not adversely affect the light levels and the netting helps to keep the leaves, debris and blowing litter out of the pond.

There are various reasons for considering a net over your pond. You may require the pond to be protected from Herons as above, you may not want any wildlife to get into the pond to protect the water, whatever your reason Eco Environmental can provide the correct solution. Our netting structures will keep birds and other wildlife from entering your ponds and commercial or industrial areas.

For further information relating to our Bird Netting installations for Industrial Ponds, Commercial Ponds or Airport Basins please call us on 01752 669009 or email us @

Published 13th April 2021

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