Bespoke Bird Deterrent System for West London Audi

The architects Wilkinson Ere contacted Eco Environmental looking for a solution to prevent feral pigeons from entering the top floor through the automatically opening roof vent of the new West London Audi building they had designed.

The design parameters were that it must not restrict the operation of the vent, penetrate the new roof membranes, infringe on peoples access along the catwalk and be strong enough to withstand high winds.

As such, we had to work closely together with the architects to create a bespoke bird deterrent solution which would be effective, impenetrable and discreet enough to not damage the aesthetics of the building.

We installed a 50 mm anti bird net system in front of the vent as a permanent feature using bespoke stainless steel brackets which needed to be raked to ensure a gap between 25 to 50 mm was maintained between the glass and the Birdnet system once the vent is open. In order to achieve this we modified some standing seam clamps so that we could bolt our brackets to them and then attach the whole system to the roof.

We're experts at what we do and understand the importance of creating aesthetically pleasing but effective bird control and pigeon deterrent solutions. Throughout the duration of our projects we, continually liaise with architects, quantity surveyors, project and site managers to ensure a successful outcome.

If you would like to talk to us about our bird control and pigeon deterrent services, please get in touch!

Published 25th November 2015

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