Pigeon Deterrent System for Cambridge Pigeon Infestation

The work had previously been completed a couple of years ago by another contractor, however the bird netting was installed too low down within the well area. As a result, the birds were simply sitting on this and continuing to foul into this well area, which lead to bulk fouling building up and created issues with bad smells and insect infestation.

Eco attended site and removed the ineffective anti bird net, cleaned the fouling and disinfected the entire area to make it safe and remove any lingering odours. Our trained team then installed new pigeon netting at the top of the well area, denying the birds any shelter, thus deterring them from perching and balancing on the top of this net system.

Additionally, our Birdpoint bird spikes system was installed along window sills and pipe areas above to remove the additional risk of pigeons perching above their sealed off nesting site and fouling down thorough the netting back into the well area.

This simple installation of pigeon deterrents shows how easy it is to get the solution wrong in the first place if a specialist is not employed wjho not only understands the birds' habits but can back it up with an effective and high quality installation that will resolve the problem permanently as Eco Environmental have done.

If you would like to discuss our pigeon deterrents, please get in touch or call us on 01752 669009!

Published 20th November 2013

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