Lego Construction Set Giveaway Winner!

We have just completed our first Giveaway, and we couldn't be happier with the response that we have received from all of you!

In honour of International Lego Day and to give Eco’s 25th year in business a real kickstart, we decided that we were going to take part in our very first Giveaway, the appropriate chosen prize was a Lego “City Construction Set”.

While we have now closed this giveaway and notified our winner, please don’t give up your hopes of winning just yet.  We had such wonderful feedback to the giveaway that we have decided to host a further fun prize, spring flowers and rabbits feature in the next giveaway...can you guess what it is?

To be notified of our next giveaway and have the chance to enter and win, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn!

Published 13th February 2024

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