Handling aggressive Gulls during the Summer of 2023

Is your business suffering due to seasonal nesting Gulls in your area?

If so, Eco Environmental would be delighted to supply and install one of our bespoke Deterrent Solutions to help protect your business from ongoing future damages.

Our usual leisure areas such as beachside cafes, restaurants, and caravan parks will all begin to experience swooping Gulls with intimidating behaviours as they seek to identify sheltered nesting areas and scavage for food to feed their young with the wily birds becoming more aggressive each year.

Over the years, the Gulls have also become accustomed to humans feeding them hence they associate food with human beings and now have little fear of us, in fact, it’s quite the opposite, they are more than happy to get up close and personal if they think that they can share our food and drink.

Eco Environmental have various proven, humane methods that can be used to protect your buildings and prevent the Gulls from returning year after year so to arrange a free site assessment please call us on 01752 669 009.

Published 26th April 2023

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